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thermage services Beverly Hills, CA/thermage Beverly Hills, CAThe signs of aging affect the way we feel about ourselves. As the years go by, our once-smooth skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles and lines begin to cover our faces and body. The sagging skin makes us feel old and weary. A longer-lasting solution to restoring your appearance is surgery, but this is expensive and requires a substantial recovery period. To tighten your skin, reduce wrinkles, and alleviate signs of aging without surgery* in Beverly Hills, consider Thermage.


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*Individual results may vary


What Is Thermage?

Thermage is a form of heat therapy for the deeper layers of the skin on the face and body. It is a technique that delivers consistent and effective results.* Thermage can be used to target problems such as jowls, sagging skin, and wrinkles.*

*Individual results may vary.

Thermage can be used to reduce signs of aging from all over the body.* For example, Thermage treatments can be used to smooth out skin on the stomach, legs, arms, and buttocks. It can be used to soften the wrinkles that appear on the knees. It can also be used to reduce stubborn cellulite on the thighs.*

This treatment option can also be used after liposuction to tighten sagging skin folds that occur due to sudden weight loss.*

*Individual results may vary.

The Benefits of Thermage

Thermage is an ideal treatment for any individual who is looking to reduce signs of aging and restore their youthful looks without undergoing surgery.* It is painless and non-invasive.* It also only requires a short recovery period.*

*Individual results may vary.

Thermage treatments are effective for both men and women.* Individuals of all skin colors and types can use Thermage to tighten their skin. They also receive the added benefit of collagen stimulation, as Thermage treatments encourage the growth of collagen protein in the skin tissues.*

Look no further. Dr. Hassid is hands down one of the best in LA. Not only does he possess a refined expertise for this specialty, but he also has an impeccable bedside manner and genuinely cares for the well-being of his patients. Unlike some doctors, he creates a treatment plan that suits the needs of the individual, instead of just throwing out a laundry list of unnecessary procedures. You want to feel safe in the hands of the doctor who is treating you, and that’s exactly how I feel with Dr. Hassid.

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Ideal Candidates

Thermage is safe for most people. However, patients with mild to moderate wrinkles or small skin bulges are the ideal candidates, since they can experience optimal results from this treatment. It also works best for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity without the need to address the underlying fat and muscles.

Your Thermage Consultation

When you come for a consultation at Beverly Hills-Wilshire Cosmetic Institute, you will tell us your skin goals and concerns. Let us know about your skincare regimen, including the skincare products you are currently using. We will perform a physical exam to evaluate your skin condition and determine if you are suitable for Thermage treatment.

A Thermage treatment plan will be developed and we will explain all its details to you. We will discuss preparation, aftercare, and other important information. Please raise any concerns so we can address them before finalizing your treatment plan.

The Procedure

Thermage treatments in Beverly Hills use radiofrequency energy to target all three layers of the skin tissues. A ThermaTip applicator uniformly applies heat energy to the targeted areas. You will alternately feel a cooling sensation followed by a heating sensation. The heat energy stimulates collagen production in the skin and restores the wrinkled, sagging skin to its former structure.*

Thermage treatments last for approximately an hour.* The duration of the treatment only increases in cases of high-level treatment patterns where the patient is given anesthetics.

The result of the treatment is felt immediately. During the next few weeks, the results will improve as collagen continues to grow at an enhanced rate. The results of Thermage treatments can last for around two years.*


The patient can return to daily activities after treatment. No downtime or recovery is required for Thermage. Minor side effects may be experienced temporarily for around 24 hours. Aftercare instructions will be provided to help deal with minor symptoms and achieve ideal results. The instructions will include proper products for skin protection.

Here are some of the instructions the patient may receive after the Thermage session:

  • Use a gentle cleanser regularly.
  • Use antioxidant skincare creams.
  • Wear sunscreen with a mild SPF.
  • Use a moisturizer.
  • Consider a weekly exfoliating treatment.
  • Drink water.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Schedule maintenance Thermage treatment at least once or twice a year.

Potential Side Effects

Any side effects experienced after Thermage treatments in Beverly Hills are typically mild in nature. Patients may experience temporary bumps, blisters, and redness in the treated areas. In rare cases, less than 1%, of patients suffer from surface irregularities. Most of these side effects disappear within approximately a week.*

Thermage is not a recommended treatment for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Once you have finished breastfeeding, you can use Thermage treatments to reduce the stretch marks and sagging skin that follows pregnancy.

How Much Does Thermage Cost in Beverly Hills?

The cost of a Thermage treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on the individual needs of each person. We will perform an examination of your features and construct a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. We will then discuss the associated cost.

Contact Our Office

If you are interested in learning more about Thermage, arrange an appointment with Dr. Mehrdad Hassid in our Beverly Hills, CA, facility by contacting our office.

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*Individual results may vary

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