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One Hour Non-Surgical Facelift services Beverly Hills, CA/One Hour Non-Surgical Facelift Beverly Hills, CACosmetic procedures have their share of both admirers and critics. There is no denying that non-invasive non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options have become very popular. Age and medical history play an important role in deciding which option is best for the patient. In general, non-surgical options are not as lengthy, time-consuming, or expensive compared to surgical options. An exciting new trend in non-invasive treatments is the one-hour* non-surgical facelift.

What Is a One-Hour* Non-Surgical Facelift?

During a convenient one-hour non-surgical facelift, all those fine lines and wrinkles that have started to bother you can be reduced from your face within 60 minutes.* The one-hour* non-surgical facelift is an effective way to banish early signs of aging by promoting collagen growth.

*Individual results may vary.

Sometimes, a traditional surgical facelift leaves patients complaining about the lack of subtlety, as their appearance changes dramatically. The one-hour non-surgical facelift procedure ensures that your appearance doesn’t change drastically.*

This procedure is well-suited for people who have just started to develop signs of aging, typically people in their mid-30s and above. In case you have a lot of loose skin and deep wrinkles, it may be a good idea to go with the traditional invasive surgery option, as it involves skin tightening by removing excess skin.* People above 45 years of age may not get the same results as someone in their 30s if they are opting for a one-hour* non-surgical facelift.

The one-hour facelift is usually packed with various cosmetic procedures to make you look youthful. These procedures can be Botox injections, dermal filler injections, and more.

*Individual results may vary.

Types of One-Hour* Non-Surgical Facelift

The market is full of claims about restoring youth and vitality to your skin, so caution must be exercised while making this investment. From facelift in a jar (anti-aging creams) to facelift in a box (cosmetic acupuncture), people are ready to try anything that will take years off of their facial skin and add radiance to it.

Lunchtime Facelift

The lunchtime facelift, commonly known as the thread facelift, involves inserting a barbed thread into the skin to tug the sagging skin back to its original place. A needle is usually used to insert this thread in the skin. It is a fast method and requires little to no recovery period. If you do it once, you will need to do it again to tighten the newly sagging skin.

Liquid Facelift

The liquid facelift involves injectables that address issues like decline of collagen in the skin. These fillers promote collagen production to fill the skin, make it look taut and firm.* A person can get a liquid facelift to smooth out lines on the forehead, jawline, cheeks, chin, and the area around the lips and nose.* Botox is a famous injectable that creates wrinkle-free skin by relaxing facial muscle contractions to avoid furrows and lines.*

*Individual results may vary.

If you’d like to learn more about the one-hour non-surgical facelift options that we offer and find out which techniques would best suit you, contact our office for an appointment with Dr. Mehrdad Hassid.

*Individual results may vary

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