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PRP Injections Beverly Hills, CADo you suffer from chronic pain in your muscular joints or ligaments? Whether you’re an athlete or someone who experiences aches and pains from a medical condition or injury, dealing with discomfort in these areas can adversely affect your quality of life and make it difficult to perform certain tasks. With platelet-rich plasma injections, however, you can finally say goodbye to this uncomfortable feeling and hello to a more comfortable life.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is produced from your own blood. Plasma is the liquid portion of blood and is composed of water and proteins. It allows red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to circulate through your body. Platelets are the blood cells that trigger healing functions such as blood clots. They play a significant role in your body’s natural rejuvenative process.

What Are Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Over the years, studies have been performed on PRP to learn more about the body’s ability to heal. PRP therapy harnesses your natural healing capabilities and focuses it to enhance the growth factors your body utilizes to heal tissue.

PRP injections involve using a patient’s own platelets to speed up the healing of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. For many patients, this treatment has helped improve musculoskeletal problems.

How is PRP Injection Therapy Performed?

PRP injections make use of a patient’s own blood to significantly enhance their healing capabilities. We’ll begin by taking some of your blood and running it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. Once fully concentrated, we will then inject the platelets into the injured tissue. Once injected, the platelets will work their magic and stimulate your body’s reparative cells to improve your healing.

Benefits of PRP Injection Therapy

PRP injections are an excellent way to improve your body’s healing abilities. Utilizing this treatment can help you avoid having to take anti-inflammatories and other strong medications with potentially harmful side effects. In some cases, it can even help stave off surgery. In addition to this, PRP has also been known to improve bodily functions and reduce pain in people suffering from chronic sports-related injuries like tennis elbow.

One of the best aspects about this treatment is the low chance of risk involved with it. Since PRP injections are created from your own blood, your body will not react badly toward the treatment.

Are You a Candidate For PRP Injection Therapy?

If you are currently suffering from a tendon or ligament injury that has not responded well to other treatments, then PRP injections may be exactly what you’re looking for. The procedure is less taxing on your body than surgery, and it will help heal the damaged tissue without scarring.

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