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IPL Photofacial services Beverly Hills, CA/IPL Photofacial Beverly Hills, CAIPL photofacials are a form of skin treatment that uses light-based technology to lighten skin pigmentation and to boost collagen in the facial tissues. In Beverly Hills, IPL photofacials are provided by skin rejuvenation expert Dr. Mehrdad Hassid.

What Is an IPL Photofacial?

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a light-energy treatment for skin conditions like acne scars, brown spots, broken capillaries, mild wrinkles, and pigmentation issues.* Technicians also use IPL facials to remove dead skin by rejuvenating cells around the damaged area.*

*Individual results may vary.

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*Individual results may vary

The Procedure

During IPL facials, flash lamps are used to produce pulses of high-intensity light, which are guided over the affected skin’s surface with a handheld device. The use of filters ensures the proper intensity. The targeted tissues are heated to stimulate new collagen protein growth.

These treatments are performed for a maximum period of 15 to 25 minutes, and patients can return to work within a few hours.* To achieve desired results, patients will typically have to undergo four to five sessions over a period of four to five weeks.*

*Individual results may vary.

Candidates for IPL Facials

People with discolored skin due to long-term exposure to harsh sunlight are excellent candidates for IPL procedures, as are patients with acne, large pores, and freckles. Since this procedure does not require a long recovery period, people with busy workdays also find it to be an ideal treatment.

Though IPL photofacial treatments can help reduce discoloration of the skin and also reduce fine lines, people with severe acne or heavy wrinkles are not the right candidates for this procedure. Since this is a non-invasive procedure and no skin layers are removed, it is relatively painless and focuses on the removal of surface blemishes.*

*Individual results may vary.

What to Expect During Treatment

Patients are given eyewear for protection against the light flashes that are used during IPL facials. Before beginning treatment, a cold gel is applied to the area to cool the top skin layer during treatment and also to keep the handpiece lubricated.

During IPL facials, you may feel a warm sensation wherever the handpiece moves, which is similar to the sensation caused by the snap of a rubber band. Once the session is completed, the technician will cool down the treatment area to soothe the skin.

I’m a first-timer and had a great experience with Dr. Hassid. He made me feel comfortable and safe. Great service by staff and MD!!

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Recovery and Follow-Up

A patient’s recovery depends on the skin problem he or she wants to resolve, and the only after-effects of this procedure are temporary redness or dark spots in the treatment area. Once the side effects wear off within a week or two, you will be amazed at the results.*

*Individual results may vary.

Your dermatologist will ask you to stay away from direct sunlight for a few weeks and wear sunblock whenever you are in the sun after that. The result of IPL therapy is not permanent but stays for a couple of years or more* if you avoid harsh sunlight or keep your skin protected with protective lotion.

*Individual results may vary.

How Much Does Skin Rejuvenation with IPL Photofacial Cost?

Every patient has unique needs and goals for skin rejuvenation with IPL, so the price of this treatment can vary. The severity of the skin condition(s) being treated and the number of sessions needed to resolve your concerns will affect the cost of your procedure. Pricing details for your specific IPL photofacial treatment will be discussed during your consultation.

Find Out if IPL Photofacial Is Right for You

Dr. Mehrdad Hassid is considered a top provider of the IPL photofacial in Beverly Hills. He is an ideal choice to advise you if you are a good candidate for IPL and about how many IPL treatments you would need in order to achieve your desired results. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Hassid, contact our office today.

*Individual results may vary

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