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HCG Diet for Weight Loss*

HCG Diet services Beverly Hills, CA/HCG Diet Beverly Hills, CA*Individual results may vary.
The HCG diet for weight loss refers to the restriction of a person’s calorie intake to 500 to 800 calories a day, which is supplemented by daily injections of hCG hormone or intake of hCG drops. The diet became popular during the 1950s as an effective weight-loss procedure.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, which is latent in the human body and normally gets activated during pregnancy. The hormone is also produced by the pituitary gland or certain tumors. HCG triggers the body to use up accumulated fat as an energy source, ultimately leading to weight loss.*

*Individual results may vary.

How It Works

The theory behind the HCG diet for weight loss is that low calories will help you to lose weight while intake of hCG hormone by injection and drops will reduce your appetite to help reduce fat faster instead of affecting muscles and bones. The diet uses hCG drops and pills that can suppress appetite and also trigger weight loss.*

*Individual results may vary.

The HCG diet for weight loss attempts to keep people healthy by reducing their appetite and advising them to intake an extremely low-calorie diet. The diet prescribes strict calorie intake of 500 to 800 calories every day, so any person taking part in this diet plan will naturally lose weight.

Under this diet plan, you will be allowed to take only two meals every day, and each meal must contain one protein, bread, a fruit, and a vegetable.

Non-vegetarian patients can eat broiled and grilled veal, beef, white fish, chicken breast, or other seafood which does not contain any fat. Vegetarians can eat all vegetables, like tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, spinach, onions, carrots, radishes, and asparagus, but not potatoes.

HCG injections that are taken under prescription and supervision of a doctor reduce the loss of muscle that generally happens during strict diets. These injections elevate hormones in the body to create a muscle-building state and prevent muscle breakdown. A combination of diet control and injections creates a situation wherein fat is reduced, leaving lean muscle.*

*Individual results may vary.

Potential Side Effects

As the drug has not been approved by the FDA, patients may be worried about side effects. Doctors prescribe HCG as a medication to treat fertility problems, and so it can potentially cause issues for people who are not pregnant. These issues may include irregular heartbeat, mood swings, and a dip in electrolytes.

It is advisable to take the hormonal injections of hCG under supervision of a doctor to avoid any complications during weight loss. Medical practitioners advise against purchase of hCG medications from the internet and over-the-counter stores in the form of oral drops and pellets; these rarely contain any hCG hormone, as they are sold as homeopathic medicine.

The effect of this diet differs depending on the patient, since metabolism and body type impact its results. While some can suffer problems like dizziness, others may feel energetic with the HCG diet.

Learn more about the HCG diet for weight loss – contact our office and arrange a consultation with Dr. Mehrdad Hassid.

*Individual results may vary

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