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Cellenis Derma PRP

A natural way to support the skin.

Cellenis® Derma PRP an extended-release autologous biologic designed to support the dermal architecture while promoting lasting dermal health. Cellenis® Derma PRP provides the best of two worlds. It combines the regenerative benefits of platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) in a network of densely organized proteins for an immediate volumizing effect, supporting soft tissue for months. As Cellenis® Derma PRP is reabsorbed it helps promote lasting dermal health.

  • Effective
  • Natural
  • Simple Quick Procedure
  • Safe
  • Comfortable

The Science of Cellenis® Derma PRP

Blood is drawn into a proprietary tube and processed separate platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) from platelet-poor-plasma (PPP). The PPP containing 60% a!bumen is further processed and refined, restructuring proteins into mesh-like structure with re-absorption properties. Due to the processing technology, the Cellenis® Derma PRP does not contain red blood cells, therefore minimizing the chance of irritation that would reduce desired outcomes.

Cellenis Derma PRP

Benefits of Cellenis® Derma PRP


  • Combines immediate volurnization with the lasting benefits of Cellenis® PRP
  • Clinically documented and proven


  • The ultimate autologous solution
  • Comfortable, easy treatment


  • Available in 11ml & 22mI tube options for customizable treatments
  • High yield procedure

The Cellenis® Derma PRP Advantage

Cellenis® Derma PRP is a cutting edge, novel technique derived from completely autologous materials with minimal to no risk of allergic reactions. The restructured plasmatic proteins properties allow for a slow, extended release of the platelet derived growth factors which consequently induces neocollagenesis and enhances skin radiance and revitalization.

*Individual results may vary

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