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P-Shot Beverly Hills Los AngelesOur bodies have a tremendous capacity to heal naturally and the P-Shot makes use of the body’s natural healing mechanisms to attend to a range of sexual issues in men. The P-Shot is a proven treatment for several sexual problems that men commonly experience, including erectile dysfunction, dissatisfaction with penis size, loss of libido, and Peyronie’s disease. These issues can cause a great deal of frustration and unhappiness. Many products claim to solve these problems but can’t provide results. With the P-Shot, men can finally get the solution they’ve been looking for. Men can not only feel more confident when it comes to their sexual encounters, but they can also enjoy their intimate encounters a lot more once they’ve received the P-Shot treatment.

What Is the P-Shot?

The P-Shot is also called the Priapus Shot, named after the Greek God of sexual health. It was used for the first time by Dr. Charles Runels and grew in popularity since then. It is an injection-based treatment used to naturally enhance the appearance and performance of the penis.

The process involves collecting plasma and plasma from the blood of the patient, turning it into PRP (platelet-rich plasma), and then injecting it into the patient’s penis. The growth factors in PRP result in increased tissue growth and an enhanced erection.

Along with the growth benefits of the P-Shot, it also addresses issues such as prostate discomfort, urinary incontinence, low stamina, and low sensitivity.

Dr. Hassid is amazing. He’s like an artist. He didn’t want to pile on procedures which to me says he believes in making the patient look their best rather than selling services that the client may not need. I came in because I was confronted with my face every day online because of the increase in zoom meetings during the pandemic and I’m so happy with the results that I plan on continuing to see Dr. Hassid for my cosmetic needs. Thank you for your help.

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The P-Shot Treatment Procedure

Most treatments, surgeries, and procedures involve three main stages: preparation, treatment session(s), and aftercare. The P-Shot process consists of the following stages:

  1. Before the Procedure – Before the actual P-Shot treatment session can be scheduled, you need to undergo some physical tests and blood tests as per the requirements of Dr. Hassid. These tests help in evaluating whether you are fit to undergo the procedure and how likely complications would be. The blood tests indicate as to how healthy your blood, plasma, and platelets are. Once these tests have been undergone and the results are satisfactory, the procedure can be scheduled.
  2. During the Procedure – The procedure starts with the application of cream or ointment to numb the genital area. Later, local anesthesia is administered around the area where the procedure will be performed. Afterward, a blood sample is taken from your body to extract PRP. The blood collected in the test tube is then put into the centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. Once the platelets are separated from the blood, they are injected into the penile shaft. This may take 4 to 5 injections, and the whole procedure is finished within a few minutes. Some people may receive a penis pump if they have been injected into their penile shaft. This is useful for drawing blood to the penis but it should not be used too often, otherwise, it can destroy the penis’ elastic tissue.
  3. After the Procedure – Since this is an outpatient procedure, you can leave the clinic soon after the procedure and resume your day-to-day activities. You will not need to rest, recover, or take any time off from your job since the treatment is completely non-surgical. You may want to restrict sexual intercourse and intense physical exercises that day, just to make sure that you do not affect the treated area. Any sweating or chafing can irritate the area, so make sure you don’t do anything too strenuous while you are recovering from the treatment.

The results of the P-Shot start showing within 24 hours in most people and continue to improve over time, and the full benefits are typically experienced after three months. Results can last for up to two years. A healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and regular exercise are recommended for optimal and lasting results.

The results will vary depending on how healthy you were before beginning the treatment. Some people may see results immediately, while others may require anywhere between 3 and 6 treatment sessions to start experiencing the results.

Sexual performance, however, is a combination of your physical, mental, and emotional state. So, if you don’t seem to be getting the results you expected, you should try checking other aspects of your health and strive toward realizing your full sexual potential.

P-Shot Treatment Beverly Hills

Good Candidates for the P-Shot

Good candidates for the P-Shot are healthy men who desire an improvement in their sexual performance and libido. You need to have a clear understanding of what you’re signing up for if you decide to go ahead with it. Men who notice a significant drop in their sexual performance are excellent candidates for the P-Shot. Candidates must be healthy and have realistic goals.

The P-Shot is appropriate for men who show early signs of erectile dysfunction. Good candidates for the P-Shot treatment have issues with their endurance during sexual activities. Men who are starting to rely on drugs for sexual performance should consider the P-Shot to cure their dependency. Men who want to increase penile length and girth are also candidates for the P-Shot.

Your P-Shot Consultation

During your P-Shot consultation, we will discuss your goals and expectations from the procedure. We will evaluate your medical history and perform a physical examination. It is important to disclose any sexual performance treatments and medications you have tried or are currently trying. We will customize your treatment plan according to your goals.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Hassid will make sure you’re brought up to speed about all that the treatment entails before proceeding. You will also get an idea of whether you need to stop taking any medications before the treatment to reduce the risks to your health.

How Much Does the P-Shot Cost?

The cost of the P-Shot will depend on the details of each patient’s treatment plan. The total price may be affected by the number of treatment sessions necessary to achieve the goals of the patient. Patients must contact their healthcare provider to determine their insurance coverage for this procedure.

P-Shot Procedure Beverly Hills La

Try It for Yourself

The P-Shot is an effective treatment to enhance libido, improve erection, and achieve better orgasms. To schedule your consultation and learn more about the P-Shot, contact the office of Dr. Mehrdad Hassid and arrange an appointment. During your consultation, Dr. Hassid will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the procedure and its results.

*Individual results may vary

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information, to receive our promotional offers, or to set up a complimentary consultation.
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